About Us

In 1999, Brewbakers Restaurant opened on the Downtown Winchester walking mall with one goal in mind: to be a place people can count on for great food and drinks and great service while relaxing in a high energy, casual environment. From our charbroiled burgers and hand-cut steaks to our rich soups and flavorful pastas, our focus has always been on consistency and quality. We don’t aim to re-invent the wheel, only make familiar food better.

Our drive to provide high quality food and beverages in a casual, family friendly environment, as well as our strong commitment to support the community in which we operate, is what sets us apart from other restaurants. Throughout the years, Brewbakers Restaurant and Downtown Winchester have experienced fantastic growth and development. In 2007, we opened our dining room expansion, in 2012 added our private banquet room and earlier this year, the renovation of the walking mall was completed. With all of this growth our mission remains the same. We aim to create a happy and memorable experience for every guest, every visit.

Whether you are visiting the area or have lived here all of your life, stopping in for a drink with friends or celebrating a special event with your family, we treat all of our guests the same: as the reason for our success! We are committed to showing our appreciation through excellent customer service for every guest. We know you have a choice – thank you for choosing us!


Paid parking is available in parking decks accessible from Piccadilly Street, Braddock Street, and Cameron Street, all within walking distance of Brewbaker’s Restaurant.

The closest street parking to Brewbaker’s is on Piccadilly Street, which is  paid during the day Mon-Fri, but free on evening and weekends.
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History of our building

168 North Loudoun Street

Drawing of Building

Brewbaker’s Restaurant is located on one of the original city lots designed in the 1750’s as part of the City of Winchester. The core of Brewbaker’s Restaurant, the dining room and part of the kitchen, was once one of these homes.

Mr. Daniel Hartman and his family occupied the home and ran a silversmith business from a small addition to the front of the house. In 1834, the shop was expanded, including additional rooms upstairs and an added front porch. This addition is where the current lounge and bar area is located. One of the original porch floorboards is visible today in the brick wall opposite the bar.

The White Palace Restaurant was opened on the ground floor in 1910. The original entrance tile, with the White Palace marker, exists today as does the tin ceiling. The hallmark oak beer coolers behind the bar once served as ice boxes for the original kitchen. Several families owned the restaurant whose name changed to the New White Palace in the 1930’s but returned to simply the White Palace during the 40’s and 50’s. It remained the White Palace until the late 60’s.

Old Brewbaker’s Building

This photo is from the mid 1950’s, notice the “ghost shadow” of the building that stood to the north of the restaurant. That building was once a Masonic Temple. President McKinley became a Mason there in 1865.

The Fireside restaurant operated in the 1970’s and early 80’s; this is when the fireplace in the dining room was added. Although it appears that this feature is original to the old house, the hearth of the home is actually part of the men’s restroom. The site became Mutley’s in the mid to late 80’s and extensive renovation included moving the bar to its current location and resurrecting the “ice box” from the kitchen. It became T. Jeffrey’s during the 1990’s.

Brewbaker’s Restaurant was established in 1999 by Dawn and Bobby Sayre.  

The Sayre’s purchased the property located on the south side which included a storefront and the old Winchester Billiards behind the current restaurant. The storefront area, after renovation, became the Martini Lounge room and opened in 2005. Renovations to the billiards parlor were completed and Brewbaker’s Banquet Room was opened in May of 2012.

Laura Vaughn is the current owner of Brewbaker’s Restaurant.

As of this writing,  the site has operated as a restaurant for 102 years, making it one of the oldest restaurants in Winchester.

Interior of Brewbaker’s